Directors Message – 24 April 2020

We are seeing positive results with the flattening of the curve for COVID-19 and this is great news for all of us. We all need to hang in there and seek support if you need to talk someone or finding it difficult to cope, have a look some of the support services available if you need assistance. NLS Law has been helping many clients sort out their legal issues and it has been great to be able to do so. I have appeared in the Local Court, Children’s Court, Family Law jurisdiction and even in an Appeal by video links , either through AVL’s or Microsoft Teams. I have had some good experiences with this technology and we have been able to get on with cases for our clients.  It is great that the Courts have taken an alternative approach to making sure cases are heard. This week our second podcast is being released, we have Julie Kearney Mediator and Barrister talking about Mediations and Ian Duane, Barrister is talking about family law property matters.  We hope you enjoy it and that the Podcasts gives you some interesting information.  Next week in the Newsletter I will be talking about working with children’s lawyers and what that looks like.

I wish everyone the best for the upcoming week and remember each day do something positive so you can continue to smile in this difficult time.

Neisha Shepherd, Solicitor Director, NLS Law