Directors Update – 17 April 2020

Painting by Lorna Ballantyne Epps - Levee Art Gallery
Painting by Lorna Ballantyne Epps – Levee Art Gallery


I have some very exciting news, our first ever podcast has gone live.  Apple and Spotify have even picked up our Podcast.  We aim to have a podcast every fortnight with different speakers about a range of topics.  Have a listen and remember it’s our first one and we hope you enjoy it.  

During this time of self-isolation and social distancing it is important that we can keep active, look after ourselves and even get in touch with our creativity.  I have been developing my painting skills when I am not working, and this helps me to think more creatively. I encourage you all to find something that you enjoy doing that you can do in your home or outside in your yard that will give you positive energy. We will all get through this time together and we will help you through any of your legal issues.

You probably have realised by now that NLS Law likes to do things differently, that is what makes us unique to other firms.  I have decided to launch a Creative Arts Competition that will be advertised over the next few weeks, there will be no entry fee and an opportunity for exposure of your work on our various platforms. As we have been focussing on keeping connected, this is the topic for the competition. This is our way to give back to the community and to keep people focussed on other things besides COVID-19. So, Watch this Space and I hope you join in.

Now back to the law, this Newsletter offers some strategies on communicating with your lawyer and preparing for mediation.   Communication is key to ensure that effective outcomes are achieved. We hope that these articles give you practical tips to assist you in your case.

Take care everyone and challenge yourself to do something creative this week. Remember to “think positive, talk positive and be positive” and if you can “be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” by reaching out.

Neisha Shepherd – Director