Keeping Connected Through Social Media During A Time Of Separation

Social Media is a broad category incorporating numerous platforms allowing individuals and businesses to connect. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, connection is significant. People seek to stay connected with other individuals, news, local shops and family. Social Media is powerful, it is extensive in its reach and versatility. When used correctly it can promote healthy connection for individuals who are struggling to engage in person to person contact.

Below we outline useful platforms to keep connected during the current times. The most important thing to remember when using social media is to think positive, post positive and engage positive. In these stressful times, your positive post might just brighten up someone else’s day.

Video Chat

If you are seeking face to face connection, video chat programs are significantly useful in enabling engaging interactions between yourself and others.

Zoom: You can access Zoom for free to have large video meetings with friends and family. If you want to catch up with people, it’s a great easy to use platform and is supported on almost every device.

Facetime: Have an Apple device? Facetime is no new product, but it is useful and built straight into apple products. Free to use, it allows great interactions for you and your friends across apple devices.

Skype: If you haven’t used skype in a while it might be time to update your old password and encourage friends to get an account. Reliable, free and good quality video.

Facebook Messenger: If you’re not already aware, you can start a video chat in Facebook messenger, just by hitting the video camera icon. It is great for connecting with people in existing or even new group chats.

Social Media Platforms

Obviously there are the usually core social media sites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, let’s take a look at those that are little different.

TikTok – in short, TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos, think Karaoke for the digital age.

LinkedIn – This platform is really useful for keeping connected with your existing professional network and even expanding it. You can post, stay up to date on current news and others professional life as well as connect with professionals.

YouTube & Vimeo – Sick of streaming services? Youtube & Vimeo are great options with a range of alternative content by numerous others, from ordinary people to small scale productions. Check out the Staff Picks Section (


If you’re more of a listener, a podcast could be a great option. There are endless topics and shows available on apps such as Apple ‘Podcasts’ or Spotify. You could even give it a go and make one yourself if you’re interested and looking to use up some spare time.

  • Zencastr – If you want to make a podcast with colleagues or friends and can’t be in the same room Zencastr is perfect. It’s free to use and even some free premium perks available during Covid-19.
  • Abode Audition – If you have an Adobe Creative cloud subscription chances are you can access ‘Audition’. It’s great to use, however a little more technical, but can create a studio quality podcast if you want perfection.
  • Recording Apps: You don’t need fancy equipment to record a fun, DIY podcast. Simply download a recording app on your phone or computer (or use the built in one). Once it’s all done you can piece it together with almost any video editing software.

There is an abundance of social media apps and platforms that allow individuals to connect. It is important we all stay connected in the current times and that when on social media, be positive.

To wrap up, the World Health Organisation has released useful information for individuals in isolation stating 3 helpful points:

“28. Stay connected and maintain your social networks. Try as much as possible to keep your personal daily routines or create new routines if circumstances change. If health authorities have recommended limiting your physical social contact to contain the outbreak, you can stay connected via telephone, e-mail, social media or video conference.

29. During times of stress, pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing. Exercise regularly, keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food. Keep things in perspective. Public health agencies and experts in all countries are working on the outbreak to ensure the availability of the best care to those affected

30. A near-constant stream of news reports about an outbreak can cause anyone to feel anxious or distressed. Seek information updates and practical guidance at specific times during the day from health professionals and WHO website and avoid listening to or following rumours that make you feel uncomfortable.”

Remember to Keep Connected & Stay Positive.