NLS Law Proudly Sponsors the 2017 NSW Variety Bash

NLS Law is proud to sponsor the ‘Scooby Do Team’ for the NSW variety bash.

The Variety Bash is an adventure with mates driving pre 1976 cars through regional parts of Australia that you might otherwise not see, all in support of Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Throughout the Bash, participants visit local towns, stopping into schools and organisations to visit the kids. Bashers get to see the direct impact of their fundraising efforts along the way, with a range of educational, health and mobility equipment provided to local schools and organisations enroute.

The event is all about having fun in support of Aussie kids. There are always festivities along the way, from theme nights to entertainment and other activities and games on the road.

A Bash takes place in each state across Australia, with two in NSW; the Variety Brydens Lawyers B to B Bash, and the Variety NSW AHA Bash.

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